$1.5 billion black money traded in medical seat sales annually

Conservative calculations show that the 'sale' of MBBS and post graduate seats in medical colleges rakes in around Rs.10,000 crore in a year. Prices vary in various states but an average of Rs.60 lakh per seat is traded. Scams exposed almost annually show that though the management and NRI quota is said to be 30%, in reality the number of seats sold is much higher. In some states, the quota seats are filled by scorers hired by admission rackets. The scorers are later paid to vacate the seats that are filled after the first counselling session for premium rates. Seats in coveted fields such as radiology touch Rs.3 crore and seats in gynaecology and dermatology are available for around Rs.1.5 crore. Calculations for MD and MS seats as for MBBS seats, show that these fetch another nearly Rs.2,500 crore. Thus even by the most conservative estimates, the market for medical seats as a whole is in excess of Rs.7,300 crore.