13-year-old brutally killed by mother for insurance money

MERAboyDetails have emerged that lead police to suspect that the murder of partially disabled Pune teenager Chaitanya Balpande was carried out by his mother and her boyfriend. Investigations of family members have also led police to suspect that the 13-year-old’s death was motivated by that fact that his mother Rakhi Balpande, 36, wanted to claim a Rs.1million insurance policy that was taken out by his father in the boy’s name.

Reports say the boy’s mother was a monster who repeatedly beat the boy and even starved him from time to time, forced him to exercise for four hours and keep him up late at night. The monster mom also threatened to file a kidnap case against her own mother when the latter said she would take the boy with her to save him from her abuse. A female neighbour who tried to intervene was also kept at bay with threats.

Chaitanya was taken to hospital on August 5 and Rakhi claimed he fell in the bathroom, but autopsy reports found the boy died from blunt force trauma to the chest and abdomen and Rakhi later confessed she thrashed him with a bat because he made sexual advances towards her.  Rakhi’s boyfriend Sumit More, who is the landlord of the flat she lived in was also arrested as a co-accused and remanded to police custody.

The tragic case has uncovered several inhuman happenings and one wonders how a woman can treat her disabled child with such diabolic cruelty. The boy’s father says Rakhi had custody because Rakhi needed him for rituals as her own father had died, and she then did not return the boy to his father.