16 lose eyesight at operation camp in Punjab

After the recent reports of the botched sterilisations in Chhattisgarh, now some 16 people have lost their eyesight after an operation at an eye camp in Ghuman village organised by an NGO in Gurdaspur district. Of these, 16 patients are from villages of Amritsar, and the rest from Gurdaspur. All were admitted to city ENT hospitals. The Deputy Commissioner, Amritsar, said the 16 patients admitted to the city ENT Hospital are under the supervision of Assistant Professor Singh, who said they have all permanently lost their vision. The issue was taken up when all 16 patients approached Deputy Commissioner Ravi Bhagat to file a complaint against the NGO and doctors involved. Civil Surgeon Amritsar, Rajiv Bhalla said the cataract surgery in the eye camp was performed under severe unhygienic conditions, and the eyes of all patients were found to have been damaged permanently. Also, permissions and medical camp rules and norms were not observed or followed. A high-level inquiry has been ordered to find the doctors who performed the operations at the camp.