20 percent of US NRIs are Gujaratis

US census data shows that Gujaratis, who account for 6% of the total population in India, form over 20% of the Indian American community. The US today is home to nearly 1.5 million persons of Gujarati origin and more than 350,000 who speak Gujarati as a first language. They are primarily settled in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Washington, Dallas and Philadelphia. US based researchers like Pawan Dhingra have found that in the 1940s Kanjibhai Desai, a Patel from South Gujarat went to the US through Mexico in the quest of a fortune, and started a 'residential hotel' the equivalent of what is now called a youth hostel. It was a prophetic business plan, as today 40% of the motel industry in the US is run by Gujaratis. Today Gujaratis have made their mark in all spheres in the US, from the power corridors of Washington DC to NASA, as they also have in circles of trade, hospitality, philanthropy and innovation.