22 Sikh asylum seekers on hunger strike in US jail

NRINTsikhas22 Sikh asylum seekers are on a hunger strike in a Florida jail, demanding that a court hear their bond hearing, prompting a US civil rights group to ask for Federal government intervention.

The detainees went on hunger strike when they learned that the judge who would hear their bond appeal does not grant bonds to individuals in their circumstances, even though other detainees in identical circumstances in the same jurisdiction are granted bond.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have expressed concern for their deteriorating health and sought the intervention of the federal government.

Shalini Agarwal, a staff attorney for the Florida unit of the ACLU said they are working to get to the core of this, especially as the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) allegedly responded unlawfully toward hunger-striking detainees in other immigration detention facilities.

They were transferred to another processing center in Florida based on promises by ICE that they would be heard, but their cases were transferred back to the previous Center for removal hearings.

Several of the detainees have been hospitalised and are being threatened with force-feeding.

The ACLU expressed their concerns about the events to the Department of Homeland Security saying the health of the men has been jeopardised by false promises of a meaningful bond hearing.