3 NRI students endure 10-hours of racial profiling in Italy

itallyUday Kusupati from IIT Bombay; Akshit Goyal and Deepak Bhatt from IIT Delhi who are interning with the Inria Sophia Antipolis-Mediterranee, travelled to Genoa for the weekend,

At Ventimiglia station the local Italian security who spoke no English swooped down on people including the students, who tried to show them their documents but were taken away along with some other Africans and Pakistanis and flown to Bari Italy.

From there they managed to contact their families and Indian colleagues after ten gruelling hours. The authorities and professor guides were then contacted by the families, and finally personnel from the Indian embassy intervened and defused the situation and the lads were taken to Rome to be flown back to Nice at the Italian government’s expense.

The young men have submitted a detailed letter about their awful experience, to the Indian embassy.

The Italian consul general Ugo Ciariatani said “The only thing he could say is that Italians are not racists at all, as can be seen by the huge number of Syrians gong to Italy everyday.

Notwithstanding, students from the campuses condemned the Italian authorities, action calling it a case of ‘blatant racial profiling’.