300 Indian workers stranded in Saudi Arabia to return home

Some 300 Indians stranded in Saudi Arabia after being duped by their recruitment agencies in India are set to return home after the Indian authorities intervened in the matter. Of these deserted workers 150 are from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh and each paid Rs.100,000 to the recruitment agencies for their job and travel expenses. A few of the men worked at some places but the majority of them refused and approached the embassy to get back home. One embassy official said the workers were recruited in bulk from India and contracted to join ongoing airport development work in Riyadh, which eventually did not work out, and they were directed to do odd jobs for various other companies in different parts of the country. The embassy approached the company to find a solution, and it was agreed and decided to repatriate them with return tickets. Some social service organisations who assisted the stranded workers said the job agents who recruited them in India had cheated the workers.