4-year-old beheaded in witchcraft ritual in Andhra Pradesh

BACKcabuseA 4-year-old boy was seized from a nursery in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh by a man called Tirumala Rao, 35, who then took the boy to his house and beheaded the child and offered his blood to the Goddess Kali in search of ‘divine powers’.

The boy’s mother raised the alarm when she went to the nursery to collect him and he was not there.

Rao ran from his house but was found and set upon by a mob who tried to lynch him. He was doused in kerosene and set ablaze at which point he pleaded with the mob saying he had the power to bring the child back to life. Rao survived with burns and was taken to hospital under police guard.

The Police authorities said Rao had a reputation in the village for keeping in touch with practitioners of ‘tantric rituals’. Authorities say he will be subjected to questioning when he recovers and his mental condition is checked.

Rao’s brother reportedly said Rao had once attacked him with a sickle and had a history of strange behaviour causing his wife to leave him.