41% of Indians are teenagers : Census

BACKfofTeenagersAccording to Census 2011 data just released, around 41% of India’s population is below the age of 20 years, with Muslims having the highest proportion of children and teenagers among all religions.

47% of Muslims are aged under 20 years, while children and teenagers make up 40% of the Hindu population.

Just 29 % of the Jain population is in the age group 0-19 years, while among Christians it is 37%, Sikhs 35 %, and Buddhists 37%.

Of India’s total population some 41% are below 20 years and 9% above 60 years, with 50% in the intervening 20-59 age group.

Overall the life cycles of different religious communities have shown common trends of a declining proportion of children and teenagers, and an increasing share of elderly citizens, concluding that the proportion of elderly people in the country has risen across all communities as life spans have generally increased, as people of age 60 and above constitute 9% of the country’s total population.