43 officials in diplomatic missions to face action !

8y2yntlmThe government of India is taking action on complaints made against 43 officials of diplomatic missions in 17 countries. They face various charges including corruption and dereliction of duty.

A spokesman of the ministry of external affairs said action is being taken in all 43 cases as per established procedures.  Some of the complaints are against low-ranking officials and locally hired staff and cases are being dealt with per established procedures, as the ministry takes seriously any complaint it receives on its missions and posts abroad.

The recall of the high commissioner to New Zealand, Ravi Thapar, after his wife allegedly assaulted a domestic helper, has brought the focus back on the conduct of the country’s diplomats posted abroad.

Some 8 complaints each have been received from missions in the UK and Madagascar over 3 years and complaints have also been received against embassy staff in Afghanistan, Austria, Canada, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Botswana, Thailand, Zambia, Mauritius, Morocco, the Netherlands, South Africa and Mali.