48,000 UAE NRIs signed up to see PM Modi

INTERnamoA sweltering summer notwithstanding, 48,000 Indians have signed up to see and hear Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 17th Aug. at the Dubai Cricket Stadium, as he is the first Indian prime minister to visit the United Arab Emirates in 34 years.

PM Modi’s visit is primarily to seek cooperation in energy and trade and reach out to investors. India-UAE trade currently totals around $60 billion, making the UAE India’s third largest trading partner after China and the US. India is in effect the UAE’s second largest trading partner.

The Indian community in the UAE is a community apart. Indians living and working in the UAE are the largest source of remittances to India, contributing $12.6 billion according to the World Bank.

The Contribution of Indians to the growth of the UAE has also been recognised as provided by the gamut of workers, from labourers to staff, families, businessmen and professionals in all fields.

The Indian expatriate in the UAE is an extraordinary person with whom no exact parallel can be drawn, because the geographic proximity, history, religious relevance, languages, and evolution of the diaspora is unique.