58% of Bihar’s new MLAs face criminal charges !

THESEpolcrim58% of the 243 MLAs elected in 2015 face criminal charges, with the RJD topping the list with 46 out of 80 MLAs in the category. One MLA has declared himself illiterate and 9 are simply literate, while 38% are 5th to 12th grade students.

According to the Bihar Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms analysis 98 MLAs have serious criminal cases like murder, attempted murder, creating communal disharmony, kidnapping, and crime against women, pending against them.

Of the 142 MLAs facing criminal cases 49% have been charge sheeted. The RJD MLA from Jhanjharpur, Gulab Yadav has declared one case of rape pending against him. Ten MLAs have kidnapping cases pending against them and Anant Kumar Singh, an Independent MLA from Patna district has declared 2 cases of kidnapping or abduction for murder against him.