6 firsts at India's 66th Republic Day parade

The 66th Republic Day parade was very special indeed, as it was the event that hosted Barack Obama as the first US President to be the chief guest at the R-Day celebrations. Also, in a departure from tradition President Obama and First Lady Michelle arrived in the presidential armoured limousine fondly called 'the Beast'. President Obama who is also the first American President to visit India twice, spent over two hours on the outdoor viewing platform, giving the Secret Service security some concerns. For the first time an all-women's contingent drawn from the three services featured at the event, as the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force fielded all-women contingents. Another first was the debut of the new state of Telangana at the Parade. For the first time the recently acquired long-range maritime surveillance and anti-submarine P-81 aircraft and long range advanced MiG 2-K fighter planes were displayed.