A look at luxurious life of terrorist Dawood Ibrahim

CRIMdibrahimThe latest reports say Dawood Ibrahim is dying from life threatening gangrene. His deputy Chhota Shakeel has denied the reports, saying they are being spread to hamper Dawood’s D-Company.

All the same the slippery Dawood Ibrahim who is the leader of the crime syndicate D-Company, has been number three on the world’s ten most wanted list since 2011 and after the 1993 blasts, he went to the top of India’s most wanted list.

Both the Indian and Russian intelligence agencies have confirmed his involvement in several terror attacks and the US Department of Treasury has also mentioned his possible ties with the deceased Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

All this notwithstanding, Dawood who now lives in Karachi is believed to be living the life of a ‘Rajah’ flush with wine and women. Sources say he lived in a grand mansion with a pool, gym and tennis court. He wore designer clothes and owned high class cars.