A prisoner dies everyday in Uttar Pradesh

prisonerAccording to the state prison department, more than 2,050 prisoners have died in Uttar Pradesh since 2010, making that amount to one prisoner dying every 26 hours.

Human rights activist Naresh Paras had filed an RTI that led to the revelation of the fact. Other statistics showed that as many as 44 prisoners committed suicide between 2010 and 2015.

Age and natural causes behind the death of prisoners is another excuse to escape the reality of the pathetic situation in UP prisons, where there is also a lack of medical treatment for the inmates. The state government and prison authorities have no concern for the inmate’s rights.

The atmosphere in prisons provokes convicts to commit suicide and even though protection of inmates is the responsibility of prison authorities, still murders and unnatural deaths in jails and police custody continue to take place frequently.