A water war has broken out in India’s Silicon Valley

voilenceViolence has broken out in the technology hub Bangalore, over a dispute about water. Protesters are angry at the Supreme Court ruling ordering Karnataka to share water from the Cauvery river with neighbouring Tamil Nadu. Authorities imposed a curfew in Bangalore to quell the violence.

Recently 3 drunk men got into a school bus and asked aloud – Which child belongs to Karnataka and which child belongs to Tamil Nadu. The 15 or so students aged 10 to 14 were stunned. However the driver handled the situation tactfully and told the intruders that everyone on the bus was a native of Bangalore.

Later dark smoke filled the Bangalore skies as some 35 buses had been set on fire by protesters, simply because the buses belonged to a travel agency whose owner is Tamil. Karnataka feels let down by the Supreme Court.

Many shootings and riots have caused rising violence. Unfortunately the two leaders Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah and his counterpart in Tamil Nadu, Jayaram Jayalalitha have not reached out to each other to resolve the crisis, and with Delhi being a reluctant referee, the onus has fallen on the Supreme Court.

In effect disputes over control of water supplies are not uncommon in the world. India is now the latest flash point in water-use battles that some believe could become more acute as climate change boosts temperatures and influences weather patterns.

Although violence has flared drought-like conditions have lingered in Karnataka.

The human conflict could become a critical effect of climate change if global temperatures continue to rise as forecast.