Aamir Khan says statement on intolerance misunderstood

SHOWakhanAfter Aamir Khan again was verbally attacked by Akshay Kumar for his statements linked to the intolerance debate, he clarified that he never meant that he wanted to leave India, and asserted that he was ‘born here and will die here’. He said the media was to some extent responsible for the misunderstanding.

After the controversy began over his remarks about India’s intolerance, he asserted that neither he nor his wife Kiran had any intention of leaving the country, but he stood by what he had said even though some people called him anti-national.

In fact in his clarification statement he said ‘He is a proud Indian and does not need any one’s permission or endorsement for that, and to all the people who shouted obscenities at him for speaking his heart out, it saddened him to say they were only proving his point.