AAP trounces mighty BJP in Delhi by huge margin

Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) clinched the Delhi Assembly elections with a landslide win, handing the BJP its first electoral defeat since its Lok Sabha win, and reducing Congress to a virtual back bencher. An emotional Kejriwal, 46, who founded AAP in 2012 addressed thousands of cheering supporters at the AAP office in Delhi. He called it a 'victory for truth and honesty'. The party said the mandate was against ignorant, offensive and negative politics and urged supporters to maintain restraint and decency. The AAP won 67 seats in the 70-member House, while the BJP was left humbled in a distant second place with just 3 seats. Congress drew a loud blank. The victory is significant as it will lead to the formation of the first majority government in Delhi held by a party other than the BJP or the Congress. It is also the first time a party has won so many seats in the assembly. The closely fought election saw a record turnout of 67.10 percent, as 8.9 million of the city's 13.3 million strong electorate cast their votes. This win sets up a second stint for Kejriwal as chief minister almost a year after he quit the post under controversial circumstances. The BJP was left licking its wounds in the city even though former police official Kiran Bedi who was roped in by the party at the last minute was defeated in the BJP's stronghold of Krish Nagar. Modi now needs to win most of the state elections over the next four years to gain control of both Houses of Parliament to deliver on his promise of jobs and economic growth.