Abandoned NRI workers won’t leave S Arabia without pay

indiaworkerssaudiEven as the government is trying to resolve the problem of the workers abandoned in Saudi Arabia, the workers say they fear that if they leave they will end up with nothing at all.

They insist that they will wait where they are, even if it takes one or two years, to get their money, owed to them by employers. Only then will they go back to their home countries.

This they insist upon even though the government has stated that it will resolve the issue and provide them with free transport back, and is also granting them special permission to stay while they find other suitable jobs. The foreign minister too had stated that their dues will be paid to them even after they have left to return to their countries of origin.

Philippines secretary of Labour Silvesto Bello who visited Riyadh said that with the assistance of Saudi authorities about 1000 Filipino workers will be sent home by mid-September.