Accused Parliamentarian attempts suicide in prison

MP Kunal Ghosh, a West Bengal representative for parliament's upper house is in hospital after taking sleeping pills, in an attempt to take his own life in prison. He is awaiting trial in a case where thousands of households lost savings after a deposit-taking business run by the Saradha group collapsed. Mr Ghosh who was the head of Saradha's media business denies any involvement in the scam and was suspended from the regional Trinamul Congress party after his arrest last year. He remains an MP. The Saradha Group that also has interests in real estate, media and exports, ran a company that collected small deposits from investors on the promise of high returns. The group was accused of conducting a Ponzi scheme. Sudipto Sen, the owner of the group and others have also been arrested in connection with the scam. Prison sources say 58 sleeping pills were recovered from Ghosh's cell, though it is not clear how the medicine was available to Ghosh inside the high security Presidency Jail in Kolkata.