Agra forgets to celebrate birthday of Mirza Ghalib !

Mirza Ghalib was born in Agra on December 27 over 200 years ago, but the city of the Taj Mahal not only forgot to celebrate his birthday, but does not have a memorial to the legendary poet. Activists say demands to name a road or auditorium after the famed poet has been ignored, and Agra University also turned down a demand to set up a Ghalib chair to promote research and work in Urdu literature. The Uttar Pradesh tourism department had at one time planned to take over the haveli in Kala Mahal where Mirza Ghalib was born and convert it into a memorial but the plan was shelved. Director of the Mirza Ghalib Academy Syed Jaffrey said they want better facilities and support from the government to promote research in Urdu literature. It is indeed a sad state of affairs that Ghalib who is admired across the world, is neglected by his home state.