Ahmedabad and Jaipur airports to be managed by Singapore’s Changi

INVES2aportsThe operator of Singapore’s Changi Airport is to become the first foreign company to manage an Indian airport, as the Airports Authority of India signed an initial agreement to hand over contracts for Ahmedabad and Jaipur to it.

The agreement was signed during PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Singapore as the decision was a government to government one with no bidding for the contract. Details such as the tenure and financial terms are still to be finalised.

Experts say the partnership shows growing global interest in Indian airports. India already outpaced all others in domestic air traffic in October.

As it stands Ahmedabad sees large traffic of corporate executives and Jaipur attracts foreign and domestic tourists. Both could become key hubs to bring a change in the current air traffic concentration in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai.

In all there are 476 airports in India, many of which need updating.