Air India to get 100 more aircraft for better connectivity

air indiaAir India has announced the addition of 100 more aircraft over the next 4 years in a move at encouraging better connectivity and easing transportation for travellers.

AI Chairman and MD Ashwani Lohani met with representatives of various state governments to discuss the viabiity and feasibility of different routes. He said they aim to connect tier-2 and tier-3 cities in various states and they have laid out a plan in collaboration with the state governments to prepare a fair spread-out across the country.

He added ‘the market is growing rapidly and AI’s share that used to be high is going down steadily, so this is the time to react. If the market grows AI should also grow proportionately, as since more people are travelling these days, fanning out more options will help regular flyers and also attract new ones.

The airline is also working to tie up with the Indian railway catering and Tourism Corporation, which will facilitate any regular passenger to fly with Air India using the same ticket if he or she fails to get a confirmed seat.