Anti-Modi police official sacked

Government has fired senior police officer Sanjiv Bhatt, who accused merasbhattPM Narendra Modi of being complicit in the anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat in 2002.

Bhatt told the media he received a letter terminating his employment of 27 years after being found guilty of indiscipline, and was suspended from duty in 2011 after filing a petition implicating Modi, then Gujarat chief minister, and his government in the 2002 violence.

PM Modi who took power last year has always denied any responsibility for the deadly riots that left over 1000 mostly Muslim people dead.

A Supreme Court investigation cleared the prime minister of any wrongdoing but doubts exist that he failed to do enough to stop the violence.

Bhatt’s termination order dated August 13, refers mostly to his absence from work and is he also accused of coercing a fellow officer to lie about his presence at a meeting attended by Modi.