Apple to build Developer Facility in India

INVESappleApple have announced that they plan to create a facility for developers that will be centered in Bangalore, that could help them with some of the best practices and help them make their iOS apps better design, quality and performance.

Apple’s facility in Bangalore is called the Design and Development Accelerator, and the company estimates that approximately 1 million people in the city are employed in the tech industry, with some 40 percent of university graduates based in the IT sector.

India has been earmarked as a growth area by Apple’s CEO who is on his first visit to the country whose records show that the iPhone sales were up 56 percent year on year from the previous quarter.

Apple noted that they will provide experts who will help the developers with briefings and one on one app reviews. The developers will also receive tools that will enable them to design creative apps for users around the world.