Artiste charged with sedition for criticising CM Jayalalithaa

THESEjaya54-year old Comrade Kovan a propagandist singer of an ultra Left art and literary outfit and an anti-liquor campaigner, has been arrested in Tiruchirappalli for alleged sedition and uploading defamatory content against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

One police official said he uploaded content such as videos and seditious lyrics that were highly defamatory of the government and the Chief Minister. The content had slanderous direct references including images. The authorities are in the process of blocking the seditious and defamatory videos that also contained slanderous references to DMK chief Karunanidhi over liquor vending by the State.

The alleged defamatory videos were uploaded on some Tamil websites and also went viral on messaging mediums such as WhatsApp. Kovan has in fact been organising skits and similar events against liquor and its sale by the Tamil Nadu government’s TASMAC retail outlets.