Arvind Kejriwal claims he could be assassinated

kejriwalIn a video Arvind Kejriwal claims PM Narendra Modi is “so frustrated that he can get me killed”. In the video Kejriwal also catalogues his government’s many topics of dispute with the centre. Claiming the PM operates in a constant rage and dislike for his opponents, CM Kejriwal says he is now an insomniac because he is worried about whether the country is safe in the PM’s hands.

The 10-minute video has been posted on social media by Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party or AAP. He warns his supporters to prep for unrestrained persecution.

Kejriwal’s speech came as AAP protested against the lengthy list of lawmakers arrested by the Delhi Police – that is 11 as of this week, on charges ranging from threatening to run over a woman who sought assistance against frequent power cuts, to desecrating the Quran in Punjab.

Kejriwal has tagged PM Modi a psychopath and coward, and says Modi has never recovered from his defeat by the AAP, whose leaders have taken the centre to court multiple times.

The CM also says the PM is unnerved by praise of the Delhi government’s accomplishments, and Modi’s foreign policy decisions have left India’s relations with Nepal and Pakistan unstable.

This video was released after Kejriwal debuted an online address that he will make regularly, to compete with the PM’s frequent radio speeches.