Arvind Kejriwal is down with a fever, but not out !

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal who is known to have chronic health issues that have nevertheless not affected his work, is said to be down with a high fever. Doctors say he also has a chronic cough and his diabetes is not under control, so they have put him on insulin and oral medications. In an interview on a TV channel in the run-up to the recent Delhi elections, Kejriwal made the statement that his trademark muffler is not a style statement but a way to prevent illness during the winters. Though he was unwell Kejriwal met PM Narendra Modi yesterday, the first meeting between the two leaders after an acrimonious Delhi campaign. The AAP leader and Delhi Chief Minister who led his party to a historic win in the Delhi elections is expected to take the oath of office on Feb 14.