Assam woman beheaded for ‘Witchcraft’

MERAbeheadINSVillagers attacked, killed and beheaded a woman accused of practising witchcraft.

Mother-of-five, 63-year old Moni Orang was grabbed from her home by machete-carrying locals after priests accused her of casting spells.

Seven people have been arrested and, since then, the local police station has been stormed in protest.

Mrs Orang’s husband insisted his wife was “an innocent woman” and accused local priests of stoking “suspicion and provocation”.

In some impoverished and tribal-led areas of India, belief in witchcraft and the occult remains widespread.

Women in some cases have been stripped as punishment, while others have been burnt alive or run out of their homes and killed.

A number of states have brought in special laws to try to bring to a halt such crimes.