Australia college owned by NRI accused of deceiving students

CRIaelaThe Unique International College owned and run by millionaire Amarjit Khela has been accused of ‘unconscionable conduct’ such as pushing disabled and disadvantaged students from poor remote aboriginal communities into signing up for expensive courses by making false and misleading representations.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said a joint investigation with New South Wales Fair Trading into the conduct of private colleges had lead to the proceedings in Federal Court against the Unique College, that was selling vocational diploma courses costing upto 25,000 A$ by using one-on-one marketing and sales techniques, and managed to enroll over 3,600 students in their diploma courses.

The ACCC alleged that the conduct of the college including its system and dealing with some consumers were in contravention of the laws.The representations made were false or misleading and in breach of Australian Consumer Law.

The college’s registration was cancelled in October after it received 42 million A$ in Commonwealth funding despite the fact that only 2.4 percent of its over 800 students completed courses.

The ACCC is now asking the court to make the college repay the 57 million A$ it received in government funding.

Khela who arrived in Australia in 1998, said in a statement his college would defend allegations by the ACCC. According to reports Amarjit Khela has gone into hiding.