Australia NRI jailed for murdering boyfriend’s new fiance

CRIpatelManisha Patel, 32, was sentenced by a court in New South Wales, Australia, to a maximum of 24 years in jail for murdering her Indian boyfriend’s new fiance.

The court was told that Patel and Niraj Dave, both from Gujarat had met on an Indian matrimonial website in 2011. They were living together but in the midst of a distressing time for Patel, Dave told her of a new woman in his life, Purvi Joshi, who was moving from India to Sydney to marry him.

In July 2013, Patel went to the couple’s flat and fatally stabbed Joshi as she lay in bed, while Dave was working night shift as a security guard at Sydney Airport. Purvi’s body was found hours later by her fiance.

Two days later Patel stabbed herself in a bid to fake an assault on her by two men, in a futile attempt to throw off the murder investigation.

Patel had moved to Australia in 2008 to be with the man her family had arranged for her to marry, but that marriage broke up and she met Dave online.