Australian NRI cabbie sentenced for money laundering

CRIMhsinghHarmeet Singh, 37, has been sentenced to 14 months in jail, after a County Court found him guilty of transporting a suitcase carrying $500,000 of unaccounted money in his taxi, 3 years ago.

Reports say the incident occurred when police pulled him over in a suburb of Ringwood when he was not carrying any passengers. They had spent a week tailing him and they knew what they were looking for Singh had collected money from a US citizen Mendoza, who travelled to Melbourne for the purpose.

Singh pleaded not guilty, and offered to plead guilty to a lesser charge on the basis he didn’t know how much money he was carrying. The Court rejected the plea and said he was found to have been an integral part of the money laundering operation.

Singh was taking orders from an associate in India, but it was not yet known where exactly the money came from or where it was going to.