Australian NRIs abort female foetuses

INTERabortionAccording to a doctor who authored a UN report on gender selection in Australia, there is no doubt that Sex Ratios at Birth (SRB) among ethnic Chinese and Indians are skewed in Australia for the period 2003-2013.

He says by his calculations he estimates a total of 1,395 missing female births during 2003-2013, that are happening in Australia is because of a system loophole.

He said the pregnant women in question, who have gone for gender testing and early gestation, disappear from the system by saying they will go for an ultrasound, but then go for an abortion, if they find it is a female foetus.

In fact, last year an NRI woman in Sydney was pressurised by her in-laws to find out the sex of the baby she was expecting, and as she refused, she was forced out of her house after delivering a baby girl.