Australian Sikh assaulted on bus for wearing turban

ISSUsikhboyA Sikh boy age 13 who was travelling on a bus in Melbourne, Australia, was assaulted, mocked, and threatened for wearing a turban.

The boy, Harjeet Singh was riding the bus home, when two boys and a girl ringleader – believed to also be in their teens, assaulted and mocked Harjeet, threatened to stab him, and his turban was pulled off in the attack. The girl wanted to know why he was wearing a ‘towel’ on his head and she twice tried to remove his turban, as the terrified boy tried to get away.

The ordeal lasted till Harjeet got off the bus early with school friends who were also in tears. One of their mothers drove Harjeet home.Harjeet’s mother Rajinder Kaur Gill said she is now scared for the boy’s safety on the bus.

Victoria police say they are investigating the reports of the incident that was a suspected racial attack.