Autistic tendencies rise among NRI kids

ISSUautismAutism is on the rise among NRI kids with over 30% cases seen by experts said to be found in this segment alone.

The tendency in NRI children is a fact acknowledged by experts who are divided over the reasons for the rising numbers of autism, a neuro behavioural problem that leads to communication barriers known to effect 1 in 1000 kids in the country.

One group believes the alien social environment that NRI kids grow up in is the reason, while another group blames it on the higher level of awareness on the disease that their parents now have. A clinical psychologist who has seen some 60 autistic NRI kids in the last 3 years said a huge gap of communication between working parents and their children, is responsible. Also she thinks an alien country makes it difficult for kids to interact and communicate.

A psychiatrist however says unlike Indian parents NRI parents in developed countries rush to autism screening if they suspect any traces of autistic behaviour in their kids.

Sadly delay in detecting autistic behaviour comes at a cost, as autistic children who do not get treated before age 6, end up becoming socially inept and have poor motor skills.