Baisakhi celebrated all over the world

INTERESjustinTHistory was created and the rising clout of the Punjab diaspora was evident, when the Canada parliament celebrated Baisakhi and Justin Trudeau announced that he would apologise for the Komagata Maru incident on May 18. In Vancouver a Nagar Kirtan was taken out, and the Khalsa Day Parade in Surrey, that is considered to be the biggest procession of Sikhs outside India is scheduled for April 23.

On the same day in Manhattan USA, around 50,000 people will participate in the Sikh Day Parade. Iconic Times Square was covered in the colours of the Sikh culture as thousands gathered on Saturday to celebrate the occasion and educate fellow Americans on Sikhism, as hundreds of tourists and children queued to get turbans tied.

Miles away the New Zealand parliament celebrated on April 12, with PM John Key, politicians, and the first turbaned New Zealand MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi attending. A short distance away in Melbourne Australia and in Sydney, a Nagar Kirtan was organised.

A Vaisakhi parade was held for the first time in Linz city, Austria.

In the UK religious processions are taking place in different areas on different weekends of April, and in Gravesend, a Nagar Kirtan was taken out on April 17. The Mayor of London also organised an event at City Hall. In Paris Ranjit G Singh, a French Sikh Representative said celebrations are organised in Bobigny and Drancy where the parade has been held for 30 years.