Being a DJ in UP is a deadly profession !

6yo01r9fDJ Arun Valmiki refused to play a song requested by guests at a Bareilly event, so his employers shot him dead.

DJs in UP are not surprised. They say performing at weddings and private parties is often dangerous and threats to their lives is something they are accustomed to now.

One DJ says they are treated like slaves and in private parties they are under a lot of pressure and abused verbally and physically.

What’s worse is one DJ’s revelation that the worst crowds at the private parties are politicians, and he gets at least one death threat each year. The young politicians or rich spoiled brats acquire firearms and use them at the slightest provocation.

One senior police officer from Lucknow said ‘more than gun culture it is about a sense of self-entitlement as everyone thinks they are big shots and when inebriated they tend to get violent.

Dancers and singers at the private parties have an equally horrendous time as in the case of a wedding performer who was shot dead because she refused to dance on an item song.

Sadly a young DJ from Ghaziabad said ‘As they say – the customer is always right!’