Bengaluru: IT capital or black magic capital ?

Bengaluru may boast of being the `IT Capital’ or `Science Capital’ of the country, but the city has a thriving market for black magicians and sorcerers who claim powers and `skills’ to inflict an evil eye on the prosperity of people, or even inflict mortal injury. And the clientele include, not just the lovelorn youths, but even corporate employees, race car drivers and those reeling under family and financial crises – all apparently a well-educated lot.

The demand for black magic is evident from numerous people operating online who are contacted by clients through their individual portals and even social media platforms. They order black magic rituals to be performed on target individuals groups as per specific requirements, and they don’t mind paying anywhere from a mere Rs.500 to even upwards of a lakh.

There are also a couple of Kerala-based tantriks operating through their `agents’ who facilitate initial pujas and then direct people to meet black magic experts in Kerala to perform more complex rituals – a sort of a package. The arrest of a 33-year-old woman from Gowripalaya in the city for allegedly instructing her clients to murder a little girl, aged just 10, to allow the black magic woman to perform black magic rituals with her body, has come as a shocker over the dark extremes that these self-proclaimed conduits of so-called supernatural powers indulge in.

The woman, hailing from a seemingly normal lower-middleclass family, has five children, and is married to a man engaged in grillwork.

“She used to operate from her (Gowripalya) residence in Bengaluru and was brought to Magadi where the murder and rituals took place. We are now probing whether she is involved in any other similar incidents in the past,” said HL Nandish, circle inspector, Magadi, Ramanagar district.

A majority of the clients request performing Vashikaran kriya – enticing someone into doing things as required by the client.

A car racer, who participates in Bengaluru drag fest, claimed he has been a victim of black magic as he believes someone has cast a spell on him to jinx his racing prospects.

He claimed that in recent years he was constantly encountering bad luck on the tracks as his vehicle used to conk off 700 metres from the finishing line or develop some last-minute technical glitch. He said his friends have suggested him to meet a tantrik in Shivaji Nagar and he performed some rituals as instructed recently.

“I paid Rs 10,000 and everything was fine about that. He did some rituals and prayer recitation and then I felt better after that.Now I am fine and looking forward to participating in the upcoming car races,” he said.