Bengaluru Trust Shops customers are literally trusted

BACKtrustshopPC Mustafa the founder of iD Foods has set up 17 outlets of its Trust Shop where it is peddling a new concept. A fridge full of its popular meals, is stationed in a public place where there are no salesmen or cash machines.

A customer can open the door of a refrigerator containing sachets of idli/dosa batter, wheat chapatis and other meals, and the customer picks up what he or she needs then drops cash into a small box attached to the door. There are not even cameras to check on the deals, as the store runs solely on trust.

The 17 Trust Shops are set up across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, in 12 residential locations and 5 KPMG branch offices.

Mustafa said the idea is to trust consumers completely, and residents have taken to the concept and given him positive feedback on how the Trust Shop is a reminder of a value that seems to have gone lost in today’s world. Additionally the customers have 24×7 access to the fresh foods.

Mustafa now plans to expand the initiative to Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai.