Bigamous NRI husband faces rape charges in Ludhiana

CRIMrapeA woman from Dehlon has made bigamy charges against her NRI husband, and alleged that when she learned of his first marriage and objected to it, she was raped by him. She alleges that on their wedding night her husband casually mentioned his first marriage and when she refused to have physical relations with him, he forced himself upon her.

The woman told police that the Canadian NRI groom and his parents had threatened her with dire consequences if she made the situation public. The woman’s parents then reported the matter to the police and gave them details of the first marriage of the man that was solemnised in September 2015.

The victim also said her parents had spent a lot of money on the wedding and since the groom was an NRI a lot of dowry was given to him.

The police confirmed that the complaint had been received and investigation is underway, and appropriate action will be taken according to the law.