Bihar beggar owns property worth over Rs.12 million !

A Bihar beggar identified as Pappu Kumar Patna, was taken into custody by police for refusing to leave the Patna railway junction that has been his shelter for the past seven years. In the course of searching him police found four ATM cards from the Bank of Baroda, Allahabad Bank, State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank. A closer check found he currently has some Rs.500,000 in these banks. It also came to light that the millionaire beggar owns property worth over Rs.12 million. Kumar, 32, told police he passed his intermediate exam with 57 percent marks as he was particularly good at mathematics. He wanted to become an engineer but he met with a serious accident that left him paralysed and he had no option but to turn to begging to earn a living, as his family practically disowned him after the accident.