Bihar cop asked to pay bribe to receive salary !

Bihar police official Birendra Kumar, a sub-inspector, shot himself with his service revolver after he was told to pay a bribe to get his 16 month unpaid salary. His wife Chanda Devi said he was in financial trouble as he was not paid his salary for months and was frustrated that he was unable to pay the fees for their son studying in IIT Roorkee. Kumar was led on a wild goose chase then told to pay Rs.40,000 to have his pending salary released. Two days after Kumar committed suicide his pending salary was released. The Bihar Police Association general secretary said Kumar committed suicide due to mental torture as he was unable to pay his son's fees and officials of the accounts department demanded the bribe from him. They have now demanded action against the corrupt people who demanded the bribe from Kumar, and the police headquarters chief said the superintendent of police has been directed to investigate the matter and report to the Bihar Human Rights Commission.