Bihar government to organise NRI conference

ISSUpbdAfter a meeting with the Bihar Chief Minister Nitin Kumar, the UAE chapter of AMU Alumni Forum confirmed that the Bihar government is keen to hold a special conference for NRIs and will make the required arrangement for such a summit in Patna.

On a flight en route to Delhi from Patna, Syed Muhammad Qutub-U-Rahman, president of AMU Alumni Forum, UAE, requested the Bihar CM to hold an NRI summit in Dubai, to which he responded positively and said he will also organise a conference in Patna.

In an earlier meeting Mr Rahman had also met Dr Ashok Choudhury, Education Minister of Bihar and President of the Bihar Congress, and they discussed Muslim community issues.

Mr Rahman said he too responded positively and said the Bihar government is serious about helping Muslims solve their educational problems and they have already started working in that regard.