BJP chief calls Jadavpur varsity female students ‘shameless’

THESEdghoshWest Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh sought to justify his calling a section of Jadavpur University female students ‘shameless’ by saying male students wear women’s undergarments, while female students put up sanitary napkins to voice their protests, and publicly kissed each other in the name of protest. Is this decency? Is this what we want our next generation to learn, he said.

The BJP leader was referring to twin protests in 2015 when the varsity students used the sanitary pad campaign against rape and sexism and the “Kiss of Love’ against moral policy undertaken by a section of varsity students.

Ghosh was responding to charges of molestation brought against ABVP activists during a scuffle in the Varsity over the screening of a film “Buddha in A Traffic Jam”. The clashes were between activists of RSS students wing ABVP and Left-leaning students.

Ghosh’s comments have been widely criticised by many including the Congress and the CPI-M state secretary.