BJP leaders flaunt authority, threaten voters in Rajasthan

Videos surfaced showing Rajasthan BJP MLA Bhawani Singh Rajawat wooing, but also threatening voters he'd have them expelled from their dwellings in Kota if they do not vote for the BJP in local Municipal Corporation elections. Another video also surfaced that showed Rajawat rebuking a DySP on duty, and yet another audio clip of BJP leader Pramod Jain the municipality chairman of Bundi district was heard scolding a police official for not relaxing the curfew in Bundi district in September when the Nainwa region was experiencing communal tension and a curfew was imposed. Rajawat denied any wrongdoing and said he was only asking the electorate to choose the BJP over Congress as the latter had done nothing for them. The Kota district BJP president said he had not seen the video nor had be heard the audio clippings and in any event no action could be taken in the matter until a complaint is received from the victims. Senior Congress leader and former state minister Harimohan Sharma has demanded an inquiry against both the leaders.