Bollywood mocks Censor Board

SHOWcensoredA number of filmmakers and actors are spoofing the censor board for attempts to ‘sanitise’ films by beeping out cuss words and editing out violence or sex scenes.

A short video by visualises a pre-censor board consisting of the likes of Sudhir Mishra, Mahesh Bhatt, Kamal Swaroop and Dibakar Banerjee advising Kanu Behl of ‘Titli’ to cut down on the objectionable scenes and asks that words like ‘women empowerment’ be used to get past the censor board and achieve its approval.

The film shows Swaroop whose documentary on the Narendra Modi-Arvind Kejriwal face-off called ‘Battle for Benares’ was not cleared by the board, making another documentary on ‘Dance of Censorship’.

The videos spoofing the censors come at a time when Pahlaj Nihalani the CBFC chief is on the mat for cutting down the length of kisses in the new Bond film Spectre. He has been criticised and rumours abound that he could be sacked by the information & broadcasting ministry that has made clear its disapproval of the recent events.