Bombay Court refuses to stay ban on beef

BACKmumcourtThe Bombay High Court has refused to stay the ban on the sale and consumption of beef for the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Adha that will be observed on September 24/25.

A petition had asked the court to relax the ban of the slaughter of bulls and sale of its meat temporarily for 3 days of Eid, a controversial ban that the BJP government in Maharashtra introduced last year. Many other states including Gujarat and cities like Mumbai have recently introduced temporary bans on sale and possession of meat for varying number of days in respect of Paryushan, a Jain fasting season.

Meanwhile a group of Muslim scholars in southern India has appealed to Muslims to avoid sacrificing cows, bulls and bullocks in the community’s larger interest, and advised Muslims to show pragmatism in the prevailing situation and opt for alternate animals permitted by the Sharia, to ensure that peace is maintained.

Backed by all schools of thought the group has taken up the campaign using social media, meetings, pamphlets and Friday sermons in mosques in various states of southern India.