‘Bombshell Bandit’ NRI nurse jailed for bank robberies in US

Sandeep Kaur 24, a professional California nurse, who was dubbed by the FBI as “The Bombshell Bandit” has been sentenced to 66 months in prison and fined tens of thousands of dollars for robbing banks in the state of Arizona.

According to the FBI, Kaur derives her alias “Bombshell Bandit” from the bomb threats she made during the robberies.

Kaur first robbed a Bank of the West branch in Valencia, California last June, and in subsequent robberies she grabbed thousands of dollars at banks in Lake Havasu City Arizona and San Diego, before her strike on a St George bank led to her capture in July, eight weeks after her crime spree began.

Kaur’s defense attorney Jay Winward asked the court for a lighter sentence citing the challenges of her upbringing, saying she is educated and wants to make amends for robbing banks to repay a loan shark with whom she amassed a large gambling debt.

Kaur who was sent to India, but later returned to the US graduated from high school at the age of 15 and nursing school at 19 and had no prior criminal history before the robberies.