Cab drivers say $130 can buy a clean background !

Uber Technologies startups require drivers in India to submit a character certificate endorsed by police, but, according to Uber driver Raj Kumar who drove for a San Francisco based Uber three months ago, in India a police certified good character document can be bought for $310, and a license and registration can be obtained without taking a driving test or passing a vehicle inspection, for half that amount. The recent rape of a women passenger in an Uber cab in Delhi has sparked a national debate on how to regulate taxis, considered one of India's safer options of transport. Delhi banned Uber from operating as a result, and PM Narendra Modi's government called on states to ban all web-based taxi services until stricter rules are in place. Shiv Kumar Yadav, 32, the driver accused of the rape received a 'character certificate' from Delhi police stating he had never been involved in any criminal offense. The Home Minister told lawmakers the document was a forgery. Police say Yadav has confessed to the crime under interrogation. Incidentally a second victim came forward and accused Yadav of assaulting her in an Uber car last month. She has not yet filed a police report.