Can ‘Sardar Jokes’ be banned – Supreme Court to decide

MERAsbThe Supreme Court has agreed to examine whether there could be a bar on ‘Sardar Jokes’ that should be banned for being racist and projecting Sikhs as foolish and naive.

The Bench has agreed to hear a PIL filed by advocate Harvinder Chowdhury seeking the court’s decision on banning the over 5000 websites that circulate ‘Sardar’ jokes. She said Sikhs also face ridicule in foreign countries because of the jokes. She called it the violation of the fundamental right to life and to live with dignity as guaranteed under the Constitution.

The Bench referred to legendary writer Khushwant Singh’s books on jokes, and said some of the jokes are made by Sardars themselves and the community may not like the idea of banning such jokes as they are known for their great sense of humour and enjoy the jokes. In the western world, the Irish jokes are counterparts, that make healthy cases of the famous, funny, Irish Paddy.

However, the petitioner did not like that only one community was targeted, and insisted the court intervene and install web-filters to prevent the websites from circulating jokes on Sikhs.

The Bench has ordered that the plea be listed after 2 months and asked the petitioner to be fully prepared to argue the case on merit.